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Crawl Space Repairs, Encapsulation, Waterproofing, and Insulation in Summerville, SC

If your house has a crawl space, all the plumbing, electrical work, heating, insulation, and cooling systems run through it. It is crucial to keep the area underneath your home in optimal condition. Crawl spaces are susceptible to flooding, moisture retention, mold, mildew, and other issues that must be addressed before they cause permanent structural damage to your foundation. That is where Crawl Space ER comes in. We offer everything related to crawl space repairs and maintenance and home insulation in Summerville, SC, and surrounding areas.

We are more than your run–of–the–mill crawl space company. We are insulation experts, pest control specialists, and commercial contractors for businesses and governmental institutions. Call us today for insulation repairs. The process is simple:

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We Offer All Things Insulation in Summerville, SC

We Offer All Things Insulation in Summerville, SC

Crawl Space ER works with different types of insulation methods and materials. We know all about moisture-resistant vapor barriers, air-sealing techniques, inspections, and assessments. We work with various mediums like fiberglass, spray foam, foam boards, cellulose, foil, and crawl space insulation blankets. Contact us today for more information!

The Crawl Space Experts!

We want to make your home safer and promote structurally sound homes with working crawl space foundations. Since that small area underneath your home is often forgotten and overlooked, with time, problems start to arise, which is why we offer the following crawl space services in Summerville, SC:

Repairs services


Crawl space repairs are all about addressing structural issues. We fix and replace damaged support beams, joists, floors, uneven surfaces, wall cracks, and other foundation elements.

Insulation services


Temperature control is crucial. With proper insulation, keeping your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter is possible. We’ll install and replace insulation in your crawl spaces.

Waterproofing services


Crawl spaces accumulate moisture and cause mold growth, rot, and other damage. Crawl Space ER uses vapor barriers and other waterproofing methods to keep your home dry.

Encapsulation services


Are you looking to seal your crawl space? We can do that! Create a clean and conditioned space with proper moisture control and barrier sealing.

Prevent Asbestos, Mold, Pests, & Flooding With Us!

We don’t only install insulation and repair your crawl space; we also provide adequate pest control, mold prevention, and anti-flooding methods. Crawl Space ER also offers:

Prevent Asbestos, Mold, Pests, & Flooding With Us

Other Commercial Services in Summerville, SC

Crawl Space ER also tends to businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions throughout the Summerville area. We specialize in stormwater management, commercial restorations, federal contracting, educational facility management, and defense contracting solutions.

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