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You’ve undoubtedly put a lot of effort and investment into making your home safer, more pleasant, and better for you and your loved ones. It would be a shame to see all of that compromised all of a sudden.

It is no surprise that what promotes a healthy and structurally integral home often lies in its foundation. For those homes that count on a crawlspace foundation, it is a crucial feature they should always tend to. Still, it can be difficult due to the accessibility and your daily chores. In fact, some crawl space problems are too complex to fix on your own.

Neglecting your crawl space would be a critical mistake, but when that seems like a challenge, Crawlspace ER comes to the rescue. How? We do that in multiple ways. We offer crawl space solutions in Charleston Metro Area for every single need:

Encapsulation Vapor & Moisture Barriers

Encapsulation, Vapor & Moisture Barriers

Your crawl space’s biggest enemy is moisture, the common source of almost all crawl space problems. Still, our crawl space solutions are the single cure. Prevent moisture and vapor from jeopardizing your home through crawl space encapsulation, moisture barriers, and vapor barriers. Our crawlspace waterproofing solutions use the best materials in the industry!



Our crawl space solutions not only prevent, but remediate any issues in your crawl space. These could be in the form of termite and structural damage or conditioning a crawl space. Our professional and experienced team covers every crawlspace repair need.


Asbestos Removal

One man’s treasure can be another man’s trash. Asbestos was once considered a miracle construction material until we learned more about its risks and harmful effects on our health. Asbestos removal is a delicate chore. It is even more in an enclosed space like a crawlspace. Let our experts handle asbestos testing and removal!


Mold Removal

With our crawl space solutions, no issue would be overlooked. If problems like mold have already arisen, or you want to stay on top of it, our extensive knowledge will keep you free from mold in crawlspace. We execute testing and mold removal and won’t miss a single spore!

Get Timely & Expert Solutions

Crawlspace ER will provide a free on-site inspection for all our crawl space solutions if you require assistance. You can receive continuous support at a fair price through our customized service plans. Furthermore, we make ourselves accountable if any issues happen, but thanks to our more than 15 years of experience, we won’t fail you.

Get any of our crawl space solutions in the Charleston Metro Area and a 10% military discount. Make your consultations today!

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