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Professional Crawl Space Mold Removal in Charleston, South Carolina

The presence of mold in your home or your crawl space can be detrimental to your health. It creeks into spaces with accumulated humidity and moisture unnoticed, and most homeowners won’t catch the presence of mold until it becomes a problem that needs to be addressed urgently. Crawslapce ER has developed fool-proof techniques to rid your crawl space of these harmful particles with our mold removal in Charleston, SC, and surrounding areas like Goose Creek, Mt. Pleasant, North Charleston, and more. Using proper containment methods and cleaning and sanitizing, we can remove mold from your crawl space and prevent it from reappearing.

Crawlspace ER is the go-to company for all crawl space needs if you’re looking for mold removal services near Charleston. Contact us to book an appointment at your earliest convenience, or keep reading to learn more about our methods.

Professional Crawl Space Mold Removal in Charleston, South Carolina

Our Mold Removal Methods

Our mold removal methods depend on the severity of the mold infestation, the type of mold present, and the cause. The removal methods we employ usually involve the following:

Moisture Control

Moisture Control

We identify the source of the moisture and install proper ventilation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

We’ll seal your crawl space to prevent moisture intrusion to control humidity.

Physical Removal

Physical Removal

We’ll remove all visible mold spores and infested materials.

Disinfection and Cleaning

Disinfection and Cleaning

We’ll clean and scrub all surfaces using mold-killing solutions and agents.

Use of<br />
Biocides<br />

Use of Biocides

Biocides or fungicides kill mold spores and prevent future re-growth.

Crawl Space Dehumidification

Crawl Space Dehumidification

Reducing humidity levels will make the environment less prone to regrowth.

Preventive Measures

Preventive Measures

We’ll implement proper ventilation, drainage, and routine maintenance.

Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs

We’ll repair any surface damaged by mold to prevent regrowth.

Signs of Mold in Your Crawl Space

Telltale Signs of Mold in Your Crawl Space

If you’re searching for mold removal services for your crawl space, chances are you already suspect its presence in your home. Some common and definite signs that mold might be infesting the area underneath your living space are:

  1. An unpleasant, musty odor coming from your crawl space
  2. Visible mold growth on surfaces like wood and insulation materials like discolored patches or fuzzy growth
  3. Water stains that are conducive to mold growth
  4. Humidity levels above 60%
  5. Allergies, respiratory issues, or unexplained health problems

If any of these signs are interfering with your everyday life or you need assistance identifying the mold infestation’s source, contact Crawlspace ER, and we’ll be there to help as soon as possible.

We Follow a Meticulous Removal Process

Before we jump into the mold removal process, we have to follow carefully crafted steps to ensure we’re targeting the suitable types of mold and prevent mold from regrowing in your crawl space. Our mold removal methods involve the following:

01. Thorough Inspection

We’ll inspect your crawl space for all signs of mold and establish a plan of action.

02. Mold Testing

We’ll identify the type of mold present in your crawl space with some sampling.

03. Isolation and Protection

We’ll seal off affected areas to prevent mold spores from spreading further.

04. Mold Removal and Cleaning

We might apply HEPA vacuuming or use mold-killing agents.

The Dangers of Mold Infestations

Mold infestations can affect more than just your home’s structure! It’s essential to act quickly and look for mold remediation professionals to rid your crawl space of any type of mold before they affects your everyday life. Mold infestations cause issues such as:

  • Health risks like asthma, allergies, and respiratory infections.
  • Mycotoxins, which can cause more severe health effects, including neurological problems and immune system suppression.
  • Fungal infections and inflammatory lung diseases.
  • Structural damage like deterioration of wood, drywall, and insulation.
  • Decreased property value.
  • Poor indoor air quality that can cause more respiratory problems.
  • Odor issues that can be unpleasant and persistent.
  • Liability issues and insurance challenges.
 Dangers of Mold Infestations

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