We can find mold everywhere in our homes, but a crawl space is especially prone to breed a mold infestation. Water gets in quickly but rarely gets out. Since mold likes places with excessive moisture to grow, it isn’t surprising that your crawlspace could present mold issues at some point. The important thing is to solve it as soon as possible through different mold solutions.

Mold Can Be Harmful

Mold is a fungus that isn’t present in all environments, but mold spores are. These can’t be avoided but won’t pose an issue unless they contact a moist environment. These are typically areas in your home where there is water damage or excessive moisture, like a crawlspace. When the spores grow is when mold problems occur.

 There are various types of mold, but the ones that are most commonly found indoors are:

  1. Alternaria (green to black, gray, or black)
  2. Aspergillus (blue and green on the surface, white mold underneath)
  3. Stachybotrys (black mold)

    The mold adheres to and eats various materials on your property, from wood to insulation. Over time, it will degrade all the materials found in your crawl space. If you don’t recur to mold control on time, it can cause structural damage, not just cosmetic issues, which can be dreadful as a crawl space is your home’s foundation.

    However, the most important reason most people require mold inspection and testing is that it can affect your health. People with allergies, mold sensitivity, or asthma are more prone to experience respiratory issues. Other people experience related sensitivities.

    How To Get Rid Of Mold Expertly

    From all we’ve seen before, mold inspection and testing are imperative to determine the proper mold treatment. Here is everything that has to be done if you suspect a mold infestation in your crawl space:

    Mold Inspection 

    The inspection is done before remediation to determine the presence of mold and after to ensure it won’t grow back. We can properly diagnose the problem even in hard-to-reach areas.

    Mold Testing

    When the mold problem isn’t detectable, testing for mold will help identify the presence and type of mold in your home.

    Mold Removal

    After mold inspection and testing, all the proper measures can be taken to eliminate the problem. Experts not only remove mold but also eliminate the source by performing moisture remediation, which we do for your crawl space.

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    As you can see, many issues are linked to one another. At Crawlspace ER, you can trust certified professionals that offer comprehensive solutions. If you require mold inspectionand testing, contact us today!

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