Moisture Barrier

Moisture in your crawlspace is a disaster waiting to happen. It is the root cause of almost every crawl space problem: mold, rot, structural damage, etc. Not only does it put your home’s structure at risk, but also your health.

In particularly humid areas like South Carolina’s Lowcountry, where we are located, the risk of getting crawl space problems is higher. The humid air accumulated inside gets condensed and settled in pipes, walls, and subflooring.

Because this is such a struggle for properties with crawl spaces, we help homeowners in the Charleston Metro Area keep moisture at bay. We explain how below:

Moisture Barrier: The Answer To All Troubles

To protect your crawl space, you need a barrier —a moisture barrier, that is. They consist of a foil or plastic material placed on the walls, floor, and ceiling in your crawl space to prevent water and moisture from entering your crawl space. Installing one will help with the following:

Temperature Control

Crawl space moisture can affect your home’s temperature negatively. It can make it too hot, cold, stuffy, or dry because it absorbs or prevents heat from escaping your home. As a result, your HVAC will have to run for longer, reducing energy efficiency. A moisture barrier will allow for better control.

Energy-Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness

The longer your HVAC units run, the more energy they’ll require and the more you’ll have to pay. It is not only because your energy bills will be higher but also because your unit will wear down faster. Getting a moisture barrier is more cost-effective in the long run.

Pest Control

A moisture barrier isn’t exclusively for keeping water away. It can also prevent unwanted critters and wildlife from entering your crawl space. A crawl space moisture barrier provides a complete seal that is intruders-proof.

Setting Up Your Moisture Barrier System

Having a complete moisture barrier system in place helps allow for better crawl space moisture control. Paired with other solutions like a vapor barrier and our expert knowledge at Crawlspace ER, your crawl space will be foolproof.

We can ensure your moisture barrier is sound thanks to our high-quality materials and 15+ years of experience. Consult or hire the experts by calling (843) 773-4544 today!

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