Water damage can be a stressful situation for property owners, and it becomes even more stressful for those with a crawlspace foundation. Neglecting water damage in a crawlspace can lead to increasingly severe problems that can compromise the honesty
of your entire home.

Due to the hidden nature and limited accessibility of crawlspace foundations, it’s difficult to identify water damage until it is too late. As specialists in crawlspace maintenance, we understand the importance of acting quickly to prevent issues. Crawlspace ER is here to offer indicators of foundation water damage:

How to Tell If You Have Foundation Water Damage<br />

Musty Smells

It is possible to detect signs of foundation water damage without even needing to crawl underneath your property. The presence of moisture can lead to wood decay and accelerate the growth of mold, which often produces a noticeable musty odor. If you recognize this smell, it serves as a clear warning sign. It is important to include the services of Crawlspace ER to investigate the cause of the issue and provide the right solutions.

Water Issues & Intrusion

It is important to remain observant about broken or leaky water fixtures, especially those
located in your crawlspace. This can lead to potential foundation water damage. Monitoring signs of water intrusion, like standing water in your yard or standing water under your crawlspace as well as moist walls. These are all indicators of water issues.


A term that basically describes the chalky white powder that may appear on the surface of concrete or brick walls. While it can be purely a cosmetic problem, it can also mean there may be moisture intrusion, which has the potential to cause significant structural and indoor air quality problems. It is essential to work with a crawlspace company that is familiar with this problem to be able to identify potential issues related to moisture.

Mold & Pests

Foundation water damage can give rise to various problems, including the presence of mold and pests. Excessive moisture in your crawlspace can create an ideal environment for the spread of mosquitoes, rodents, and other unwelcome creatures, as well as promote the growth of mold and mildew.

If you discover any of these pests inside your home, it is likely they have been attracted by a water problem from under your property. In order to successfully address the issue, you will need a professional pest control company. At Crawlspace ER, we are experts in mold removal, and crawlspace waterproofing to permanently correct the problem.

Don’t Leave Your Safety To Chance<br />

Don’t Leave Your Safety To Chance

Having a professional inspection is necessary to determine if foundation water damage is present, regardless of whether any visible signs have appeared. It is important to undergo a thorough assessment by one of our expert technicians to identify the source of the problem and any other issues that may be looming in your crawlspace.

At Crawlspace ER, we emphasize the significance of regular inspections and maintenance for your crawlspace to protect your property. As experts serving the Greater Charleston area, we offer comprehensive crawlspace inspections, repair solutions, and preventative maintenance plans through our range of services. Contact us today to schedule a no-charge inspection today!

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