Federal Contractor

in Charleston, SC

Government Contractor in Charleston, SC

With public services and many other essential operations taking place every day at government facilities, you need to ensure you can rely on them so the public can too.

While you focus on daily duties, Crawlspace ER  focuses on helping you keep your facilities up and running with our various commercial maintenance, repair, and restoration solutions at competitive prices. We are the complete government contractor to team up with for all your facility’s needs in the Greater Charleston Metro Area, offering:

Commercial Restoration

Commercial Restoration

Crawlspace ER can restore any government facility and commercial building subject to damage of any cause. After a thorough inspection, we diagnose and address the problem, take preventative measures, and perform the necessary repairs. Our commercial restoration services include the following:

  • Storm damage and moisture damage repair
  • Mold Remediation
  • Structural repair (foundation repair, exterior repairs, & more)
  • Asbestos removal
  • Building maintenance, upgrades & build-outs
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Stormwater Management

Without a proper stormwater management plan and system, floods, erosion, and water pollution will inevitably occur, with the impact on the community being dreadful. Stormwater management is a crucial yet complex operation. With 15 years of experience dealing with moisture control and damage repair, we are the most dependable government contractor to trust for the job. Everything will be handled by experts.

Experts In Everything You Require

Crawlspace ER can help numerous government and commercial facilities, as we’ve done in the past across the Greater Charleston Metro Area, such as the College of Charleston. Colleges, universities, military institutions, etc. —We gladly serve all of the premises that are vital for our community.

With us, you can work not only with a full government contractor but also simultaneously with our expert staff and partners to achieve any project. Nothing is out of reach for us, as we outsource anything we don’t normally do. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any request today!

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