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The essential labor of protecting a nation is carried out every single day by courageous and devoted men and women in military facilities. The latter also contribute to this crucial mission, providing a functional and safe work environment to achieve it.

Working as a defense contractor, Crawlspace ER can contribute to the management, repair, and restoration of these military facilities in the Greater Charleston Metro Area thoroughly and expertly. Learn more about why and how we can assist you with everything you require!

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Diverse Property Management Solutions

Being not only a licensed, insured, and certified company but also having worked as a federal contractor Crawlspace ER, we can ensure all Department of Defense (DOD) facilities that can be subject to infrastructure and disaster damage, or other complex situations, are in optimum condition. We can ensure they can operate with normalcy and without interruption, or make necessary improvements.

As a defense contractor, we do this through various commercial property management  services, in which we are all certified and experienced, including but not limited to the following:

There’s more than we can do aside from our most popular solutions, mentioned above. In fact, we can provide any building management work you may require through our solid subcontracting associations, to offer one holistic solution under a single defense contractor service.

For Secure Results

Crawlspace ER has excelled and expanded in the property management industry for more than 15 years. We have positioned ourselves as a trustworthy partner for all governmental, educational, military, and other institutions in the Greater Charleston Metro Area.

No project will be the exception to excellent quality and will count on the best prices. For further inquiries or assistance, get in touch with us today!

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