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Humidity in homes is a way worse problem than one could think. Imagine what issues it would cause when located at the crawl space foundation in your home? 

Crawl Spaces are prone to be affected by moisture more quickly because they’re enclosed, yet they have openings where water can get through. After it rains or whatever the source, the water that stays there causes moisture under the house and problems like mold or pests. Another big challenge is when the water in a crawl space dries, transforming into vapor, which can rot wood framing and flooring. 

The issues presented are harder to solve when they’ve already developed, like a mold infestation or pest problem, and they will be more costly to remediate. Preventative action is vital when protecting your home’s integrity, so we recommend crawl space encapsulation.


crawl space encapsulation

A Top Solution To Protect Your Property

Crawl space encapsulation covers your entire crawl space, including floors and columns, with a moisture barrier. A crawl space dehumidifier is also added.

You’ll often hear or read about other solutions, like a crawl space vapor barrier. Still, at Crawlspace ER, we recommend crawl space encapsulation because it does its job and much more:

  • Insulation under the house: Lower your utility bills and boost your home’s HVAC system with the proper crawl space insulation provided by crawl space encapsulation.
  • Eliminate problems and worries: You can keep the crawl space and, ultimately, your property mold and pest-free.
  • Foolproof your home’s foundation: If your crawl space deteriorates, the foundation will too. What happens without the main supporting structure of our homes? Most likely, disasters. Still, crawl space encapsulation and Crawlspace ER won’t let it happen.

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Crawl space encapsulation results in cost-effectiveness and security. Two things we don’t want you to lack. Recur to us for complete scope services, in the Greater Charleston Metro Area. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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