Commercial Restoration Service

in Charleston, SC

If you own or manage a commercial, government, educational, military, or any other type of facility, you know you can’t continue operating with normalcy if there’s a problem. Yet you also know that work can’t be interrupted.

After any water, mold, or structural issues, promptly restoring your facilities is your priority, as it is ours at Crawlspace ER. Our commercial restoration service assists all types of facilities in the Greater Charleston Metro Area, including:

  • Government Facilities (Government contractor)
  • Military Facilities
  • Universities, Schools & Colleges
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Medical Facilities
  • More

Crawlspace ER can respond to all of your needs. Our commercial restoration service covers a full scope of convenient solutions with emergency services available that include:

Your facilities and investment will be protected by a licensed, insured, and experienced company like ours. We offer the most competitive rates in Charleston and immediate response. Call us today!

Commercial Restoration Service in Charleston<br />
Commercial Restoration Crawlspace

We Do It All!

If you’ve encountered particular issues with your commercial facilities and don’t know who to call —not even the ghostbusters— the answer is undoubtedly Crawlspace ER. When it comes to our commercial restoration service, no job is too big, small, or peculiar to us.

We’ve been dealing with complex situations for more than 15 years. We assess and solve any problems involving mold, asbestos, structural repairs, and other seemingly complicated jobs. We not only eliminate the issue but take preventative measures to ensure it won’t happen again and restore your facilities.

Our expert and certified crew can handle any situation; if they can’t, we outsource any commercial property maintenance needs we don’t normally do. Whatever is affecting your property, let us know, and we’ll work it out. Contact us today!

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