If you have an older home, it means it was likely built with asbestos materials. If that is the case, you could potentially be at risk without even noticing. 

Asbestos Are Harmful

What once was a miracle construction material: fire-resistant, soft but strong at the same time, non-decomposing, and almost indestructible; it is now deemed too dangerous to be used. 

Asbestos is a silicate mineral found in rock and stone. There are also different types:

  • brown (amosite)
  • blue (crocidolite)
  • white (chrysotile)

This last one is more flexible than the other types, which was used in numerous construction applications (siding, roofing, insulation, and more). 

However, it was later discovered that when it releases thin fibers, they could cause severe health problems when inhaled. Asbestos is a carcinogen. It can also cause asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Asbestos is now banned in the US, but the threat still lingers in older building materials, which is why you need to take the necessary measures. 

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Protect Yourself From Asbestos

We alone can’t identify if we are at risk of inhaling it nor feel any symptoms if it has already happened. We also can’t spot them easily because they’re undetectable to sight, touch, or smell. This is a significant concern, but we now have ways to eliminate this issue:

  • Asbestos testing: Before any removal, an inspection and testing have to be done to determine the presence and severity of asbestos.
  • Asbestos removal: If you have it, it is important to create an adequate action plan to remediate it. It entails non-friable or friable asbestos, the condition of materials, and much more.
  • Asbestos abatement: Once you count on an accurate plan, your professionals will take action to mitigate the chances of asbestos being released into the air, which is known as an abatement.
  • Asbestos insulation: Since it was a popular insulation material, testing your property’s insulation may be necessary for a potential threat.

Due to the hazard this material poses, you should always look for a certified professional to deal with it and not attempt to do this yourself. At Crawlspace ER, we are dedicated and trained to restore your safety and protect your property. 

We are happy to attend to your doubts and help you find a solution. Contact us today!


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